Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Diner for Schmucks.

Diner for Smucks. 
DVD and Blu ray. 

Man I wanted to like this movie. The previews showed it to be a laugh a minute comedy, it was not. 
The main story of the movie was about a guy played by Paul Rudd who tries to get a promotion and marry his girlfriend and about 30 minute into it he accidentally hits Steve Carrel with his car, who tries to be helpful but ends up screwing up Rudd's life. 

The actual diner didn't even happen until around the hour mark and was full of extras and  cameo stars that have been overplayed in other movies. 

Zack (insert name here) played (insert name here) who comically controls people with his mind. A role which could have been really really funny fell short of expectations. 

Paul Rudd's girlfriend runs an art gallery and works exclusively which an artist named Keiran who think himself sort of a artistic god. Creating pictures where he is half man half goat, or demon like. His character actually works in this movie, his persona is so over the top that's it very comical.  

I hate when comedy movies try to teach us lessions. Are we supposed to walk away and think "I guess we know who the real schmucks are, the people who judge others too harshly."

Dinner for Schmucks seemed like someone had a good idea but it wasn't long enough or funny enough so they kept adding elements different from the main theme. This is a not unheard-of technique in hollywood. It happens all the time. 


4 out of 9. 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Knight and Day.

Knight and Day. 
DVD and Blu Ray

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz star in a comedic spy movie. Sounds like a hit. Yet when I saw a advertisement for the DVD release I was a little stumped it seemed funny and action packed. But why hadn't I heard of it. 

After reading online that the movie went through 5 directors and a series of rewrites and casting changes, I suspected it was terrible. I still sat down and watched it. 

Tom Cruise plays a secret agent who supposedly went rouge stealing a perpetual energy source the size of a battery. Cameron Diaz gets involved by forcing her way onto a airplane filled with agents and Tom Cruise. She doesn't know who to believe because Cruise acts totally insane for the majority of the movie. 

This movie is really fun, packed with a lot of decent jokes, funny sayings, satire and espionage. Like when Tom Cruise shoots a fireman in the leg and tells him he'll be a hero and probably get a promotion, and that it's just a flesh wound.

Peter Scarsguard plays protagonist to the two main characters but had no real character development and his whole character seemed to be a glorified extra.

It really is too bad that this movie didn't do so well in the theaters, a sequel would have been fun to watch.

I don't really know why it is called knight and day though. 

7.5 out of 10