Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Book of Eli.

The Book of Eli. 
DVD and Blu Ray. 

This movie walks a thin line between science fiction, apocalyptic survival horror and religion. The story is set some thirty years after a war opened a hole in the atmosphere which let the sun burn everything for about a year. The hole also caused a blinding flash which took away the eyesight of many survivors.  Those that survived underground or other safe places tried to rebuild but they had no foundations to build on. Society blamed religion and burned all of the bibles, hence the Book of Eli. 

Denzel Washington hasn't seemed to age in the last decade and kicks some butt fighting gang trash. He stays true to character and on mission to his goal of heading west with the book he reads from everyday. 

Gary Oldman plays the villain, a abusive minor king of a small kingdom he pieced together from his knowledge of fresh water springs. Oldman himself seems to be weathered in this movie and practically has a roadmap of lines on his face. 

During his journey west Eli meets bikers, cannibals and Malcom McDowell with what might be the world's worst wig. He also gets stuck with a side kick played by Mila Kunis, it was a interchangeable role that anyone could have done. Mila Kunis has obviously had some acting lesson since that 70's show which was an improvement.

The ending was surprising and makes watching Eli's journey (and how Denzel Washington handles the secrets we learn about him) worth rewatching. 

Eli's quest and book are religious in nature. All he had to go off of was his faith. It was not preachy, which is nice for those that are not to religious. 

8 out of 10

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