Saturday, December 11, 2010

Super High Me!

Super High Me.

Don't worry I never heard of it either. Super High Me is a documentary about comedian and pot smoker Doug Benson. The idea: he stops smoking pot for 30 days during which he gets tested for IQ, psychic ability, SAT scores, sperm count and keeps working as a comic. Then for 30 days he repeats everything only he smokes pot all day, everyday.

It is important to note that he lives in California and has a medical marijuana card.

This documentary did bring up some double negatives in the laws. In California it is legal to buy marijuana with a medical card from a licensed dispensary. However, it is against federal law, so the FBI or DEA can close down a legal business, take their stock and arrest the employees. Which happened several times in the documentary.

Interestingly, his test scores on everything but lung  capacity and his math memory test were higher when he was higher.

Not much more to say here except you could tell by his personality when he was high or not. He acted like your drunk buddy. He was funny both high and not, so I didn't see why he thought he needed it so much.

I always wonder where the idea of drugs come from. Trial and error? Do people just think "I wonder what would happen if I do this".

5 out of 10

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