Monday, December 6, 2010

Year One.

Year One.
Blu Ray and DVD.

I was told by my editor (wife) that this was the worst movie ever made and that I shouldn't watch it because it was so stupid. That being said, I watched it anyway.

Year One was written and directed by Harold Ramis, writer, director and actor of the Ghostbusters movies. He played Egon and is a genuinely funny guy.

This movie stars Jack Black and Michael Cera in their typecast roles of fat loud mouthed loser and shy nerdy loser. The only thing that differentiates this from a typical Black or Cera movie is that it is set in biblical times. David Cross was hilarious as Cain, from the story of Cain and Abel. But that's about it for the hilarity.

The story is about two cavemen that get banished from their village and must go out into the world at the beginning of recorded history. At first they just wander, but eventually run into others of their tribe that are now slaves. Their attempts to save them ends disastrous. During their journey they run into Cain and Abel and end up in Sodom after meeting Isaac and his son.

Both Black and Cera play roles that they are very comfortable with. Here's the real problem: on paper this movie sounds great but on film it doesn't work so well. It felt like the movie had a lot of backing, but was rushed through.

There's a lot of toilet humor and sex jokes all throughout the movie. I will be honest, I laughed a couple times.

This movie could have been great. While it is not the best comedy I have seen it is not the worst. I'd say skip this movie. Next time I might listen to my wife (hmm... probably not).

3 out of 10.

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