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Thor the son of Odin, a familiar name that we have all heard about in school or on various tv shows. Here's the deal with marvels version. Odin is a all powerful humanoid from an alternate dimension where magic and science are the same. Anyone living in the dimension of assgard is immortal, which Odin can take away.  Frost giants, another humanoid race from another dimension, tried to conquer all other dimensions but was defeated by Odin.  

Odin had two sons that were raised together. Thor and Loki, unknown to them Loki is actually a Frost Giant orphan that Odin took to raise as his own. Thor was the chosen successor to the throne and given Mjölnir, a hammer that has various powers least of which is the ability to summon lightening.

When first we meet Thor he is arrogant, self centered and infaluable and the people love him. He makes the mistake of attacking the frost giants and shatter the peace they've had for decades.

Odin banishes him to earth and removes his immortality. The hammer follows to earth but a stipulation was added, only someone with a pure heart can wield it. 

The rest of the movie is basically a fish  out of water scenario. With Thor claiming to be the son of Odin and a great warrior and everyone else thinking he's nuts until Loki turns on Odin and Thor and sends a indestructible robot to kill Thor. 

This movie was fun and fast, but had the feel of just introducing us to the situations and not so much on story. 

I was never was a huge fan of Thor and if need be I wouldn't be that mad if he was left out of the avenger movie. However I have known people that are obsessed with him. I even knew somebody that tried to dig up their parents basement thinking Thor's hammer could be hidden under the dirt. 

7 out of 10

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