Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Doctor Who: Christmas Carol.

Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol. 
TV Special. 

The 2010 Doctor Who Christmas Special, for those of you that don't know, marks the half way point between the last season and the new season of Doctor Who, dating back since the 2005 series revival. 

Sometimes a new character is revealed, who later appears in the series or the Doctor regenerates into a new actor. 

This year's saw Amy Pond and Rory on their honeymoon aboard a spaceship that is starting to crash into an alien planet. The Doctor arrives in the TARDIS and discovers that the planet is protected by an electromagnetic machine that is controlled by an old miser Kazran Sardick. Despite the fact it's as simple as pushing a button, he refuses to save the ship. 

The Doctor decides to travel back in time to change Kazran past to make him a better, more caring person. The Doctor shows an old home video of Kazran to himself. As Kazran watches himself as a child The Doctor suddenly appears in the video from his childhood. 

This is a typical Doctor Who story, but lacked a lot of what is expected in a typical Who episode. There wasn't a lot of adventure just a straight forward story which was very predictable with no real surprises. 

It felt that Amy and Rory were in it as an afterthoughts and didn't really add much to anything except to add to the continuity. 

It was kind of a let down. But worth watching. 

6 out of 10

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