Saturday, January 1, 2011

Futurama volume 5.

Futurama Volume 5. 

Futurama is the brain child of Matt Groening and David X. Cohen. It was marketed as the Simpsons in space and appeared on TV in 1999. Sadly it was pulled from the air around the same time as The Family Guy.

Years went by and Futurama continued as a comic book and a lackluster video game. Occasionally, Bender would appear in a Simpsonís episode but never for very long.

Family Guy was brought back on the air and soon hopes that Futurama would return soon filled fans heads.

No network seemed to want to take the reins and bring it back, even though in reruns it did very well on several different stations.  

Soon a series of four straight to DVD movies were released a few months apart and were split into 12 TV episodes that aired on Comedy Central.  The success of the DVDs and the newer split up episodes had Comedy Central order 13 new episodes.

The new series is a continuation of the original series and the four movies. In fact the last movie ends with a cliff hanger which is where the first episode starts off. Episodes take on modern subject as evolution, politics, iPhones, Twitter and robots/humans marriages, with some episodes making a parody of Leonardo Da Vinci and time travel amongst other topics. 

Fry and Leela now know how each other feel about the other and are dating. We see Amy Wong finishing school and having relationship problems with Kiff. Other than being a little short of episodes Futurama volume 5 fits into the Futurama series like a missing puzzle piece.  It was a little hard to start in on new Futuramas after so many years, but after a few episodes the new writing and episode flow seemed like old hat. 

There was a rumor for a while that a new series would be called "Fry Loves Leela" and that it wouldn't be a continuation but a 2nd series with not all of the characters returning. 

I didn't like the carbon neutral box that the series came in. I'm all for saving the environment, but these are paper cases and do not hold up very well.

Definitely pick up this set if you're a fan or if you just want a good comedy to watch. Plus, good DVD sales will help keep it on the air for several more years.

There is a sticker on the cover tha reads, "Back by popular harassment."
8 of 10.

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