Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dead Rising 2

Dead Rising 2. 
Xbox 360

Dead Rising was one of the original games for the 360. It's premise: you're a photojournalist stuck in a fully stocked mall filled with flesh eating zombies. You have three days to survive and unlock the full story.  You have access to something like 3,000 different weapons ranging from salmon to lawnmowers. 
Dead Rising 2 takes place several years after the first. Zombies are common place. Gameshows are made where contestants race motorcycles with chainsaws attached into crowds of zombies for money. You play a character named Chuck, who is one of these racers. This game has more weapons and more moves then the first. 
The gameplay is the same, the story is similar, but there is no camera. 
What 1 and 2 both need badly, is an autosave. The save points are few and far between and you could spend an hour fighting the bosses and leveling up only to die before reaching a save point. Keeping your health up after a fight is not so easy. 
Two new additions to the game make it very playable. The first one is combining two weapons into one super weapon such as taking boxing gloves and taping Bowie knives to them to make the equivalent of Wolverine claws. The second being the able to race and kill zombies online to get money and special weapons. 
In this storyline, Chuck has a daughter who needs daily shots of zombrex, a zombie anitvenom, to keep her from turning into a zombie which is minor annoyance cause you have to find the money to buy the meds. 
This is great game series and number 2 keeps the action alive.  If you like killing hordes of zombie while gambling and fighting psychotic humans this is for you. 

8 out of 10


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