Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shrek forever after.

Shrek Forever after.
DVD and BLU-Ray,

It’s been a long time since Shrek first came on the scene.  Computer animation has changed a lot; it makes me wish they would remake the original with the new tech.

Shrek longs for a simpler life without all his responsibilities and his swamp back to its original state. The plot of every Shrek movie by the way. Making a deal with Rumplestiltskin, he ends up never being born alter the world and everyone else for the worse.

The fat alternate reality Puss is one of the funniest parts of the movie.

Eddie Murphy’s voice acting sounded very unconvincing.

Cameron Diaz seems to have just phoned it in.

Mike Myers seems to have better luck with his voice then he does with his physical acting.

The story wasn’t so great and seemed like just random filler.

This is supposed to be the final Shrek movie. But they all have been worth a few laughs and made a ton of money so we will just have to see. I doubt it will be the last.

6 out of 10

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