Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Silmarillian.

The Silmarilian
By Jrr Tolkien 

I love lord of the rings, that being said, the Silmarilian is dry and hard to read. Published after Tolkien died and before he finished the book. 

The Silmarilian is the complete story of middle earth, from it's foundations to it's end. 

It does explain all about Sauron and how he became so powerful, also about Gandalf and all the other wizards. Where the elves come from. More about hobbits, orcs and rings. 

The Silmarilian itself would be better served as a reference guide to the published series instead of the stand alone book people want it to be. 

There is a overwhelming urge for people to declare everything that Tolkien touched a masterpiece. When in actuality a lot of it is hard to read and unfinished. His published works is great and definitely a masterpiece. 

If you can find a copy of the first print of the Hobbit it has a lot of differences. Tolkien rewrote parts of the book to fit into Lord of the Rings for the 2nd printing. For example, when Bilbo gets the ring, Golem agrees he was bested a wishes Bilbo a safe journey.

4 out of 10

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