Friday, March 4, 2011

Star Wars: X-Wing: Wraith Squadron.

Star Wars: X-Wing: Wraith Squadron. 
By Aaron Allston. 

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Wraith squadron is one of the worst Star Wars books in the series. Allston is one of the least original authors currently writing books. It is a shame he is still writing star wars books.

A good author tries to continue a series, adding to the overall narrative. Allston tries to rework the series to be his own. 

A lot of his characters and stories are flimsy reworkings of characters from tv shows or movies. A particularly obvious example that I like is his latest books and the almost scenario to scenario similarities to Doctor Who episodes.

I still read his books but I consider them at the same level as good fan fiction and not part of the official Star Wars cannon.

This author is what killed my obsession with Star Wars years ago. I used to buy anything and everything Star Wars. I had a collection of over 45 thousand pieces. Now I maybe have 100 pieces left, and no longer buy things.

1 out of 10

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