Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Goonies. 25th anniversary edition.

Goonies. 25th anniversary edition. 
DVD and Blu-Ray. 

It's hard to believe that 25 years have gone by since its theatrical stint.  A special edition with a board game and memorabilia was recently released. 

The Goonies is a very 80's movie. But it was done in a way that makes it not so obvious and watchable. Nothing is worse then a movie lost in time (see Wayne's World review).
The plot follows a group of kids who's families are about to lose their homes. They stumble upon a underground labyrinth with  
booby-trapped pirate treasure while being followed by the Tortelis crime family. 

This movie created the nickname Chunk and added the truffle shuffle to our vocabulary. I laugh everytime I watch Chunk declare all the things he's ever done bad in his life.It also marks the last time Cyndi Lauper had a steady paycheck. 

It is still fun to watch and continues to make me laugh all these years later. I also like how realistic the plot seems, living in Coos Bay when this movie came out I was constantly looking for pirate treasure. This movie remains a classic and is well worth buying on Blu-Ray. 

Goonies 2 is in the works and is scheduled to come out in 2 years. There was a big online outcry over the character of Sloth as the actor who played him died many years ago. There was even a petition to stop Goonies 2 with 2,000 names on it. 

8 of 10

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