Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lost: the complete series.

Lost: the complete series. 

I remember the excitement and build up of the series premiere of Lost. I also remember being very disappointed with it. From the get go it seemed like recycled sci-fi and cliff hangers from 60's tv shows. 
As the end of the series approached, out of boredom (and lack of cable) we started watching Lost from the beginning. At this time everyone was talking about Lost. My sister even had a blog about it. Curious what the big deal was I jumped in pushing aside my past opinions. 
WARNING: Spoilers Ahead!
Here's my summary of season 1-3: people crash, survive on a island. Weird stuff happens, most can be easily explained but no one tries. 
Summary of 4-5: New people are introduced, but die. Some leave the island, a lot die. A ton of time travel, then it never happened. 
Season 6: Everyone is dead. 
I know this will not be a popular opinion, but here's the deal, there is nothing in Lost that couldn't be summed up in a two hour movie. It is cheap recycled sci-fi and mythology. It tricks people into watching by leaving everything a question and answering with more questions. 
If you are really bored and have no cable this could be used to occupy some of your time. Don't get me wrong I was excited to watch season 6 and see if anything gets explained. The writers and producers did a good job
of weaving the stories together and not mashing the whole thing up. Just don't expect a whole lot. 

6 out of 10 

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