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Saw: the complete series.

Saw: the complete series. 
DVD and Blu ray 

Saw 1 is probably one of he most important physiological thrillers of all time. It's only problem? They made Saw 2. Saw 3 was the movie Saw 2 should have been. It started a formula that the next 4 followed which made the series stale. The formula: finish the cliffhanger from the last movie, run a new game, show a little back story, finish the game, then leave us with another cliffhanger. 

Jigsaw kidnaps people whom he sees as lost or people who don't appreciate life, drug addicts, liars, cheaters, etc., and puts a choice in front of them. For instance, someone who cuts themselves for fun being forced to go through a room of barb wire within an allotted time or being trapped forever. These games can be with just one person or whole groups and in the case of Saw 6 a whole office. 

Jigsaw himself dies in the 3rd movie but is kept alive through flashbacks. After he dies his vision is kept alive by his students who continue his "work" by instructions left before his death. They also throw in his ex-wife who appears to be just as crazy. 

Saw 4 was the last one that really stayed true to the original feel. The final 3 felt tacked on and rushed. Instead of people learning lesions they were just being killed without hope of escape. It seems that after the main people get killed then everyone else involved no matter how insignificant are killed in later movies. Look out if you charged Jigsaw a rewind fee from the video rental store in the late 80's. 

All in all, these are some pretty decent scary movies. Psychological thrillers are far more scary than slasher flicks. Until the last couple movies you never really see a lot of gore, you always saw the before or after effect. 

Saw 7 is supposed to be the last of the series. It too ends in a pretty big cliffhanger. The fate of the Saw series is up in the air, but it does continue in two video games which take place after the first and second movies. 

What happened after Saw 1, not to mention the fate of those involved, was stretched out over the entire series and was a nice note to end on.  

7 out of 10

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