Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2. 
Xbox 360

In the game The Force Unleashed we learn about Darth Vader's secret apprentice Starkiller and we get a glimpse into how twisted Darth Vader was. Starkiller was brain washed and tortured to become the perfect Sith only to turn on his master and start the rebellion.  We are also introduced to Lucusarts realistic reallife software.  Where glass functions like glass and metal like metal. Humans are built on a skeleton with muscles and skin built on top. 

When the second game was announced my first thought was "How, Starkiller is dead?" Force Unleashed 2 brings us to the time shortly after Starkiller's death. Vader has cloned his one time apprentice hoping to use him as a weapon to destroy the rebellion Starkiller created in the first game. As the story progresses, Starkiller remembers everything from his previous life but is unsure if he is a clone or real. He goes on a quest to reunite with the woman he loves only to find that Vader has her prisoner. 

The force powers in this game are on steroids. Starkiller has no limit to his abilities. Because he is not the same being from the first game he looks a little fresher and uses his powers differently. Mind control now makes an entire group of stormtroopers turn on their fellow troopers or makes then realize that they are on the wrong side and kill themselves. Another new addition is that Starkiller has two lightsabers and can sever the limbs from his enemies. 

The bad news, about halfway into this game it started screaming "to be continued." The game was way too short, about half the length of the first and didn't have nearly as much animation as the first. There is a separate story that can be unlocked after defeating the training challenges dealing with another Starkiller clone. It felt tacked on and not really important. 

There is a cut scene with Yoda that mirrors what happens to Luke years later on Dagaboh.  Also, the awesomeness of fighting Darth Vader in the middle of a lightning storm on Kamino was one of the greatest moments in Star Wars gaming history. You can really wail on him with unlimited force powers during that final battle. 

Unfortunately, at the release of this game all production on The Force Unleashed 3 stopped and the writers, producers and actors were let go. So the future doesn't look so bright. 

8 of 10. 


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