Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wayne's World

Wayne's World. 20 years later. 

When I was in junior high this movie was big. It spawned countless t-shirts, bad impersonations and a funnier sequel. It temporarily boosted the careers of Mike Myers and Dana Carvey and gave Queen a revival, adding to their fans. It also played a small role in reviving Rob Lowe's career.  To this day my Dad still says "party on Wayne, party on Garth" at random times. For a time Wayne's World was the only reason to watch SNL and the biggest stars appeared in the basement set. Everyone from Madonna to Tom Hanks got to be on screen with Wayne and Garth. 

But much like Austin Powers, years later Wayne and Garth got too much airtime and soon lost it's core audience out of boredom. 

There are some movies that can be watched again and again, like Animal House or Superman, and remain timeless. Goonies is an example of movie that screams 1980's, but they did it right and it can be watched at any time. Stuck in the early 90's, Wayne's World: the story of a local tv show that gets picked up by a major network, mixed with Wayne and Garths' search for love, is a movie lost to time. 

It's references are out-dated and the jokes have been overplayed or have been used more successfully by others. Wayne and Garth are based on stereotypes that no longer exists.  As much as it pains me to say, I can't make it very far into either movie before getting really bored. The past 20 years have not been kind to Wayne and Garth. 

3 of 10


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