Saturday, November 27, 2010

Star Trek: the movie.

Star Trek. 
DVD and Blu-Ray. 

It is no secret I like science fiction. Star Trek is based on a little known tv series from the 60's. I have never been that obsessed with Star Trek but I know many who are. I did watch the tv shows, and all the movies. I even read a couple books. But I prefer Star Wars much more. 

This movie takes place before the original tv series and movies but after the Enterprise series and the First Contact movie, which I am sure has made true fans very angry and confused. The original crew is recast with younger, fresher (and alive) actors, with the exception of old Spock. 

A major plot point brings the villains and an elderly Spock backwards in time. This causes an alternate reality which changes several major plot points from the rest of the series. People die and planets are destroyed that play major roles in the later series.

While I am not against series reboots I think they should respect the earlier material. I like the Dark Knight movie but hated that it negated the Batman movie series with Michael Keaton. I also cringe at the new reboots of Spiderman and Superman. Why can't movies continue the series? I liked the incredible Hulk movie with Edward Norton because maybe 30 seconds was about the origins and the rest on new stuff. The same can be said for Superman Returns. 

That being said I guess you can adapt the changes to fit the 1,000 some tv shows, movies, comics and books to fit the new timeline. Like maybe Spock's dad gets remarried to a human also named Amanda. 
Maybe they find a new planet and call it Vulcan. Maybe all the stuff Kirk said he did before he was captain happened while he was a cadet. 

This is a good space movie with a lot of action, fighting and humor. The best thing about it is the they made space big and scary again. Often times sci-fi movies aren't so much about the vastness and unexpectedness of space and more about just fighting. 

For being CGI the special effects were great. The scenery was familiar, but fresh. Learning the back stories of such beloved characters was very memorable. The opening battle was quick and devastating, setting a darker serious tone throughout the movie. 

The re-casting was alright, though it is hard to imagine such icons of the screen played by different people. The actor who played Spock was almost perfect. 

The movie was fun, fast paced and exciting. The deleted scenes were great and should have been left in.  It left me wanting more. 

This is key, the only way to save the entire series is if they do not remake any of the old shows or movies with the new cast, it would ruin 45 years of stories. 

On a side note I was at a store and saw a kid of about 12 get excited when he saw the original series of Star Trek on DVD.  He said "they made a tv show of that movie, awesome!"

9 of 10. 

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